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Certified by ceres- 0641

We in the In To Win family want to offer you a top quality product without burdening the environment. Above you can see all the certificates that have been issued for our products and here is a brief explanation of each:

CERES and GOTS: CERES is the operative organization responsible for conducting surveys and issuing certificates. The Global Organic Textile Standard certificate is granted to a production plant when at least 70% of the cotton is organic. In addition, the use of additional chemicals, environmental and social responsibility, as well as accurate documentation and traceability of operations are subject to very strict controls.

SedEx: SedEx is a global comprehensive supply chain monitoring organization. The main focus is on ethics and human responsibility, and SedEx monitors the implementation of working conditions and the responsibility of the international distribution chain. In To Win products are manufactured in Bangladesh, so international responsibility must be ensured. SedEx certification can be found, for example, from Finnair, Danone and SOK-Ketju.

BSCI: BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) Verifies the working conditions of a production plant more precisely than SedEx. In order to be certified, a plant must meet the following criteria:

  • The factory must pay the minimum wage to the workers in accordance with the laws of the country of production

  • The employee must have the right to organize and bargain collectively

  • Does the company provide a well-being and safe work environment, taking all necessary measures to eliminate hazards

  • The company must provide special protection for minor workers

  • The company does not participate in any form of forced labor or human trafficking

  • The Company does not tolerate any form of corruption, extortion, embezzlement or bribery

  • The company must provide equal opportunities and not discriminate against employees

  • The company must comply with the Working Hours Act

  • The company does not hire employees who are younger than the statutory minimum age

  • Employees must be hired through legal written employment contracts

  • The company will take the necessary measures to avoid environmental pollution